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1990s rave footage

This page has been created to showcase our favourite documentaries/ clips/ footage from UK dance music with a strong focus on late 1980s/1990s music culture.  

Fantazia - Donnington 1992 

Up first is Fantazia. A True classic in early raves these promoters would put on parties around the country with up to 20,000 people attending each one. On the night of the party ravers would call up a secret phone number to get directions to the event and drive for a couple of hours in convoys to reach the destination whilst trying to avoid the detection of police. They would then party until the sunrise.



Dreamscape was another heavyweight promotor from the 90s pushing a similar vibe to Fantazia. The video we chose below is a fusion of 1994 jungle with ravers having the time of their lives blowing whistles on repeat for the full 10 minutes clip.


Metalheadz at Blue Note

Metalheadz at Blue Note has gone down in jungle and drum & bass history as one of the most influential club nights which helped to spread the sounds globally. The Sunday sessions at Blue Note went against the popular ragga jungle scene of 1994, and paved their own way with dubplate rivalry and a less traditional approach of having no MCs. After 12-15 empty sessions, word slowly began to spread and the night's popularity grew. The intimate venue allowed a space for the DJs to play whatever records they liked after a weekend of playing 5-6 sets at parties where they hadn't or couldn't play the records they really wanted to play. Due to the location in Hoxton (where there weren't any clubs on a similar vibe at the time) and the fact that sessions were on a Sunday meant that the night attracted the real heads and the focus was all on the music, and not the DJ hype.



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