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The process


In spring 2015 we invested in a DTG (Direct To Garment) printer which has completely transformed the way our business and brand works. Before we used to outsource printing jobs which was costly and due to minimum order quantities we would often be left with dead stock at the end of each season. With the introduction of our DTG printer we can now offer much more vibrant prints and a much larger product range with all products printed to order eliminating dead stock.

Below is a more detailed look in to the process each order goes through from a blank garment to a finished product ready to be delivered to your door!


Step 1

The first step is to pick the relevant garment for the order. For this example we'll choose our Athena short sleeved white t-shirt in size medium.


Step 2

The second step is to press the blank t-shirt which squashes the fibres to ensure the best quality print.


Step 3

The third step is to select the artwork for print. Once the artwork has been located it is then opened in to the RIP software which is used when printing to the DTG printer. The artwork is then scaled appropriately for the garment, positioned 6cm from the top of the platen, and sent to print.


Step 4

The t-shirt is then placed on to the printer's platen and goes in to the printer to begin printing the artwork.


Step 5

Once printing is complete the t-shirt is then carefully removed from the printer and placed on the platen to be cured for 45 seconds on 165 degrees celsius. This cures the ink to the garment and insures the optimum durability wash after wash.


Step 6

The final part of the process is to finish and pack your order. Each garment is finished with a hang tag and packed in to a sealed plastic bag to ensure your order arrives in the best possible condition. Stickers are included in all orders as well as flyers to tell you more about our roots, brand identity, and ethos. All of these things are then packed in to one of our custom printed boxes and delivered to your door!

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